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A new learning initiative from us – The SQLServerGeeks Magazine. The digital magazine is full of fresh content, learning opportunities, SQL Nuggets from Microoft & trivias from the community. Hope you enjoy the mag. Download your copy today.

In aonther news, Data Platform Virtual Summit 2021 Training Classes are announced.
• Azure Synapse Analytics by Wolfgang Strasser
• Execution plans in depth by Hugo Kornelis
• Power BI Impactful Reporting by Reid Havens
• SQL Server Big Data Clusters by Niels Berglund
• PowerShell for the DBA by Ben Miller
• Modern Data Platform Applications Deployment by Ben Weissman & Anthony Nocentino
• Azure Machine Learning by Neil Hambly
• Azure Data Pipeline Implementation by Armando Lacerda
Check out the schedule, modules, and more details. Click Here.


Book your Training Class seat soonest.
Reason #1 – You get a complimentary pass to the main event (the Summit) + recordings (limited time).
Reason #2 – Training Class prices are the lowest at this moment.
Reason #3 – You can book any class now and change later, if you wish. (Round two of the Training Classes will be announced by June end).
Reason #4 – Training Class come with LIVE attendance + 12-month on-demand access to the recordings.

For any questions/clarifications, drop us an email at

Looking forward to your participation at DPS 2021.

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