Super Sunday with SQL Server – SQL Server Day – March 29 – Hyderabad

“It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you all for this edition of SQLServerGeeks SQL Server Day… Being a Saturday, you have took some personal time from your loved ones and came to this event. You are awesome and a big round of applause for yourself”.

TRING TRING… (Well not exactly… My ringtone off course…). I woke up from my day-dreaming. 🙂

Caller: We have to postpone the event. Microsoft has a power maintenance planned on Saturday.

Me: Let’s postpone to Sunday. We have never done it on a Sunday. But, I am sure we can do it.

Beep/Vibrate/Click… All mobiles and mailboxes of the registered attendees buzzed the same time.

“Sub: SQL Server Day postponed to March 29, Sunday”

Sunday, 29 March, 2015

6:00 AM: Alarm disturbs me while I got up at 5:00 AM and making the last minute changes to the slide deck.

8:00 AM: Get ready. Skip breakfast. Double-check I got everything. Pull the car out of parking and set on road to SQL Server Day.

8:15 AM: Take a U-turn to get some items on checklist which still laid on my desk.

9:15 AM: Reach Microsoft campus. Pause a moment at the entrance of building 3. Just a head count from a distance was welcoming. IS IT REALLY SUNDAY?

10:00 AM: Finally got the projector working.

10:15 AM: What is SQLServerGeeks? I like talking about this every time. Every SQL Server Day witnesses at least 70-80% of new attendees. Everyone is eager to know what we are and what we do. Awesome, this time we have around 80 new faces.

SQL Server Day - March - Hyderabad

10:16 AM: Oh, wait… There is a question? Seriously, Question in the intro session? This is my lucky day…

Q: Why do “YOU” do all this?

A: Not an answer exactly. We postponed the event from Saturday to Sunday and informed on Friday night. No one in the hall missed the alert. Everyone changed their plans accordingly and made it to the event on a Sunday morning on a short notice. The question is, why are “WE” here? When I started my career, I had to learn most of what I know today on the job. Take out time from regular work to read blogs or listen to videos. Today, you will not work, but concentrate and listen to two deep technical session, without any disturbance and take back some knowledge from here.

To answer the question, why are “YOU” here? I am here, because I know we are all in the same boat. I spent some time at office or home and learnt something by spending 2-3 days. If I explain what I learnt, it takes me 1 hours. It saves 2-3 days of all of you who are attending today. Better resource utilization. To simply put, I have gained some knowledge from the community (blogs, sessions, articles, forums, videos and mainly Microsoft). Today I want to give some of it back to the community.

10:30 AM: Powershell. A grey area for few of the database professionals. Jay nails it. After today each and every person from the audience is going to use Powershell in their day to day game with SQL Server.

SQL Server Day - March - Hyderabad - Powershell Jayaraj

11:45 AM: Break. Less of a break time and more of interactions and introductions. We knpow people follow SQLServerGeeks. When I spoke to few professionals, I felt the enthusiasm they share in this community. They want to be part of it. They want to know what they can get out of these events and various resources of SQLServerGeeks which can make their job easier. The passion towards the community is immense. It is worth every second we, the core team, regional mentors and our sponsors spend to build and get this community together.



SQL Server Day - March - Hyderabad

12:05 PM: Deep Dive into Delayed Durability, a new feature in SQL Server 2014. A less known and less exposed feature in the new version of SQL Server. After knowing what it has to offer and the cost it takes to implement it, I know most of the audience are influenced to include it in their POC for upgrading to SQL Server 2014. A powerful feature, well received by the audience.

SQL Server Day - March - Hyderabad - Delayed Durability - Manohar

1:15 PM: The big announcement. No matter how many times we do it, it is always the biggest announcement. SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015, Asia’s first, largest and the only SQL Server Conference. This is not VEGAS. What happens at the #SSGAS2015 will not stay there. A Sunday morning can teach you two deep technical sessions. Three full days filled with 70+ sessions and 30+ speakers. Just imagine what this life changing event can do in your career. Enthusiasm filled the room. It showed when the registrations boosted in the evening and the next two days.

SQL Server Day - March - Hyderabad

Some interested in laying path to the next level of SQL Server knowledge. Some interested in tools that make their life easier. Some interested in meeting industry experts. Everyone have their reasons and a single destination. Everyone is going to be at the SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015… We want to see you all at the biggest gathering of SQL Server professionals across Asia. Are you coming?

Register today for the SSG Annual Summit 2015. You missed the March pricing. Do not miss another month, or you may miss the most happening event of the year.


Happy Learning,

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