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DPG Virtual Symposium – SQL Server 2019 & Azure SQL

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Design your backend APIs with Azure SQL Database and GraphQL by Silvano Coriani
Posted on June 3, 2020 by admin
GraphQL is getting significant traction as an alternative to traditional REST APIs in developing flexible and efficient solution backends, thanks to the natural approach in expressing the shape and form of the data needed by your consuming layers. In this session we will show how to implement a GraphQL API accessing Azure SQL Database instances through familiar data access libraries and ORMs like Entity Framework Core.
SQL Titbits for the Inexperienced by Erland Sommarskog
Posted on June 3, 2020 by admin
This session is directed to you who have been using SQL left-handedly a year or so. You have learnt to write the basic queries, but there are still some gaps in your SQL knowledge, and overall SQL is a little confusing to you. This session aims at filling some of these gaps by covering a few titbits about SQL and give you some tips that will be useful to you. This includes really basic things as what GO really is and the traps you can run into with NULL values. You will also learn a little about data types and how you should use UNION. Finally, I will talk about CTEs, temp tables and table variables and you will get some ideas what to use when.
Persistent Memory and Hybrid Buffer Pool – The good, bad and ugly by Thomas Grohser
Posted on June 3, 2020 by admin
SQL Server 2019 has a new feature called Hybrid Buffer Pool. The ability of placing database files into "Memory" that does not lose its content in case of a power outage. This session will explore how this feature evolved from previous features and when it makes sense to use this feature and when not to use it.
Azure SQL: What to use when by Anna Hoffman
Posted on June 3, 2020 by admin
In this session, you'll learn from a member of the Microsoft Product Group the different options for your SQL deployments in Azure. After this session, you should be able to: Articulate the key differentiators between SQL Server on-prem, in an Azure VM, in Azure SQL DB (Single database, Elastic Pools, and Managed instance) Explain the different service tiers within Azure SQL DB/MI, and evaluate what is best for your workloads and business requirements (Serverless, Hyperscale, General Purpose, Business Critical, etc)

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